Art and Politics

Art and Politics examines how the combination can be detrimental to the integrity of the artist and to the quality of art produced by a culture as a whole. Art and politics in my view are like mixing oil and water. Great ingredients for salad dressing but lethal for art. cairnhouseflorida Granted that many old… Continue reading Art and Politics

Survival Tips – The Best Emergency Food Kit

Who knows what the future holds? If only we knew, day to day, what challenges would arise, we would never be caught unawares. Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way. Those who prefer to look forward and make preparations for the “just in case” scenarios are often painted as fringe lunatics and doomsday preppers. However,… Continue reading Survival Tips – The Best Emergency Food Kit

Doing Daily Exercises

Doing daily exercises are advisable by professionals who expect that it is safe for both physical and mental reasons. Weightlifting is a very acceptable and useful exercise. The numerous benefits and impact of weightlifting are discussed below in this article for your benefit. Body builders are not the only people who should be made to… Continue reading Doing Daily Exercises

Top Ten Classic Video Games

Origins: Pong was based on a game called ‘Tennis for Two’ which was a simulation of a game of tennis on an oscilloscope. Physicist William Higinbotham, the designer, goes down in history as creating one of the first electronic games to use a graphical display. The Concept: The game is intended to represent a game… Continue reading Top Ten Classic Video Games

Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Explained

WHAT IS VIRAL HEPATITIS? newsinsiderway Viral Hepatitis: This is the inflammation and necrosis of the liver caused by a virus or group of viruses. There are other types of hepatitis including hepatotoxic and drugs related hepatitis and alcoholic hepatitis. Types of Viral Hepatitis There are many types of viral hepatitis Hepatitis A, B, C, D,… Continue reading Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Explained

The Need For An Entertainment Lawyer In Film Production

Does the film producer really need a film lawyer or entertainment attorney as a matter of professional practice? An entertainment lawyer’s own bias and my stacking of the question notwithstanding, which might naturally indicate a “yes” answer 100% of the time – the forthright answer is, “it depends”. A number of producers these days are… Continue reading The Need For An Entertainment Lawyer In Film Production